Midori Harris

I've been working with Stella for over a year. She is not only a knowledgeable teacher, but fun, personable and very patient. When I met Stella I had very little experience with Pilates and was nervous to do certain movements because of a previous injury. Stella was so patient with me and gave me modifications until I felt comfortable with trying the full movement. She's able to work with my limitations and also encourages me to push myself when she knows I'm capable and ready to advance to the next level. As someone who finds the fitness industry to be a bit tiresome, Stella is a breath of fresh air. She really cares about wellbeing and is not only focused on a perfect physique. I love that with Stella I can focus on making my body stronger, longer and more aligned. She has truly helped me improve me quality of life. Thank you, Stella!

Daniel Friedland


“Stella is a fantastic instructor.  Her attention to detail, experience, focus, positive energy and professionalism stands her apart.  After years of doing Pilates with other instructors, Stella is pushing my body to a new level! I look forward to every session with her.”

Jeff Sarnat

Software Engineer

I first started working with Stella when I was dealing with a serious knee injury, which eventually required surgery. I was originally drawn to Pilates because it is easy on my knee, but, coming from a fitness background of weight training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Crossfit, I have to admit that I was skeptical at first that would be enough of a workout for me. It is. Stella is an excellent teacher: she always makes our sessions challenging and fun, and the work that we do keeps my body strong and balanced. These days, Pilates is my primary form of physical activity, and I have Stella to thank for making it work for me.