Stella Sandoval

For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed being active. My biggest joys were running, jumping, riding bikes, and doing back flips down the street with friends. Back then that was our gym and how we did our workouts. Movement made me feel alive, energized, and happy. I learned early in life the value of physical movement so it was natural that I would eventually gravitate towards a career in fitness. As a young adult, I struggled with weight issues and low energy related to hypothyroidism so I began to educate myself about the disease, nutrition, and fitness to overcome my own health issues. Eating healthy and exercising daily was my prescription to gaining my health back. And it worked! That is when I found my true calling, helping other people to get healthy and fit. For more than two decades, I have worked as a fitness professional in the Bay Area. Some people still recognize me from my workout videos that were sold worldwide: Dancing Off the Inches, Sizzling Salsa, and others. In 2011, after having a full hip replacement, I discovered Pilates to help with my rehabilitation, and I credit Pilates for my full recovery along with changing my body. With this inspiration, I started my training with Martt Lawrence at The Pilates Center of San Francisco and completed my hours and exams with Master Trainer Dorothee Vandewalle at Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle earning my M.A.T. Pilates certification. My certifications also include; ACE, and NASM. In addition, I continue to study the Pilates Method regularly with teacher trainer, Chris Robinson at S6 Fitness in San Diego, and through yearly workshops with Master teacher trainers Bob Liekens and Kathi Ross-Nash . Although I spend most of my time in the Pilates Studio working with clients, I still love to teach fitness classes and train clients on the fitness floor to help them reach their goals and attain true core strength, flexibility, and control.